Property Management


Duncan Hill Property offers a boutique service in property management for the Southern Highlands that is based on excellence, timely action and a sense of responsibility for your valuable asset. On call seven days a week, we have local knowledge, rigorous selection processes and a thorough knowledge of the current rental property landscape across the Southern Highlands. We provide you with sustainable and realistic rental expectations and a first-rate management service.

Our panel of preferred, professional contractors are fully insured and always available for timely repairs.  We guarantee you will be more than satisfied with our property management services.  We work hard to make it so.


At Duncan Hill Property we pride ourselves on providing a higher level of service. We know that effective property management is all about commitment to building a relationship with our clients and our tenants. With a small portfolio size for every manager (maximum of 50 properties), each managing agent knows your property fully and we care for your asset very carefully.  Our methodical office procedures ensure the communication channels are kept open to keep you informed on all aspects of your property -  we will stay in touch regularly, even if there is nothing to report. 


Our property management team understands that choosing the right tenant is very important. It is not enough to simply place a tenant in your property – they need to be the right tenant to ensure that your property will be looked after and maintained.  

After we receive the tenancy application form, we undertake thorough reference-checking.  A member of our Property Management Team will rigorously follow up on various reference sources, including current and previous employment, rental history and copies of past tenancy ledgers.  We will also call previous and current property managers who have had first-hand dealings with the prospective tenant.

We then meet with the prospective tenants personally so that we can understand their rental needs.  We make sure that the property is not only the right one for the tenant but, also, that they are committed to taking good care of the property.   

Once we’ve performed these checks, we will then create a short list of candidates and present it for your perusal.  As owner, you will have the responsibility for making the final decision, but we are happy to make recommendations.

When the tenant has been selected, we carry out a full and detailed inspection of your property prior to the tenant moving in. We will then generate a written report and take supporting photographs to document the state of the property.

We will also be responsible for ensuring the bond monies have been paid to the Rental Bond Board.  We will take care of issuing keys and making sure the tenants move into the property without any problems. Following this, we will continue to conduct quarterly ongoing property inspections to ensure the property is maintained and being looked after.


Set out below are details of our fees and charges for the management of your Residential Property:


The Management Fee is remuneration for the following activities that we undertake:

  • collection of rental funds and depositing of these funds directly from DHP Trust Account to the Owner’s personal account at the end of each month
  • arranging for repairs by reputable tradespeople.  We are on call seven days per week, which means your tenant can reach us anytime in the event on an emergency and we have tradespeople who can attend (out-of-hours if need be)
  • payment of council rates and water rates (if requested by the owner)
  • payment of creditors on behalf of owners 
  • the preparation of end of month statements and end of financial year statements 
  • quarterly routine inspections and issue of the associated detailed report to the owner


The letting fee is a charge that is applied to any new tenancy on the property (as per the Management Agency Agreement). This remuneration covers the following activities: 

  • our time in finding and interviewing suitable tenants (this may occur through open houses, private appointments, phone calls to prospective clients or by answering emails generated through 
  • Reference checking prospective clients (including TICA software)
  • creating an in-going condition report
  • preparation of the tenancy agreement with REINSW
  • lodgement of bond monies to Rental Bonds Board

 We thank you for your interest in our Property Management Services and look forward to speaking with you soon to discuss your property needs.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if further information is required.