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Kids love spending time outside, and what better spot than your very own backyard? With a little bit of planning, you can create a super fun outdoor space for your kids that's also stylish enough for the grown-ups to enjoy. After all, even big kids need some outdoor playtime!


Check out these tips for adding some serious fun to your garden and keeping kids entertained.



Kids love sand pits! These wonderfully uncomplicated setups have the incredible power to captivate children for hours on end. The possibilities for imaginative and playful adventures within this creative domain are truly boundless. Sandpits entice little ones to explore, experiment, and investigate to their heart's content.


When creating your very own sandpit, it's important to choose a spot under a tree or some other structure that provides shade. Enhance the surrounding area with rocks, shrubs, and various textures to make it even more captivating. Additionally, you might want to consider placing seats in the corners of the sandpit so that the kids can perch themselves comfortably while enjoying their playtime.



Curving paths in your garden are a fantastic way to inspire kids to embark on exciting adventures and let their imagination run wild. Design cosy little corners along these paths where they can create magical fairy gardens and other imaginative creations. And don't forget to incorporate fascinating plants alongside the path that kids can explore through touch, smell, and even taste.


If you're limited on space and can't fit winding pathways, consider a barefoot sensory path instead. This path is divided into sections using various textures such as stone slabs, gravel, sawdust, grass (real or artificial), and logs, providing a stimulating sensory experience for kids as they explore with their bare feet.


Cubby House 

Cubbies are a fantastic way to turn your backyard into a thrilling haven of amusement. Having a dedicated space for kids promotes imaginative play, sparks creative thinking, and encourages problem-solving skills.


Cubby houses can come in various forms. Nowadays, you can easily find flat-pack cubbies that are simple to assemble, or you can get creative and craft something unique using old pallets. As long as it's sturdy and safe, a cubby has the power to transform your backyard into a magical wonderland for children.


If space is limited, consider thinking vertically. An elevated cubby house instantly maximises your area by adding extra square meters of play space.


Veggie Patch
Gardening is a fun, safe, and educational activity for children. It offers them a chance to acquire new skills, enjoy themselves, engage in play, and build self-confidence as they spend time tending to plants and cultivating their own food. Most kids find great joy in being outdoors, relishing the opportunity to dig in the soil, get a little dirty, unleash their creativity, and witness the wonders of plant growth.


To achieve the best outcomes, opt for raised garden beds that are easily accessible and allow for effortless digging. Treat your kids to their own set of fun gardening tools and provide them with the space to grow whatever they desire. Cherry tomatoes, strawberries, and peas are always a hit as they grow quickly and serve as delicious garden snacks. Growing sunflowers is also a source of immense joy for children.


There are plenty of other activities that kids adore and that can benefit your vegetable patch. Encourage them to create a scarecrow, establish a worm farm, or add a water feature or bird bath to attract wildlife. 

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