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While the property market tends to cool down over the Christmas and New Year holidays, properties are still in hot demand, with buyers keen to purchase a home before having to head back to work or school. 


If you are considering selling over the warmer months it’s a good idea to get started now on preparing your property for sale. Here are our tips…



Boost curb appeal

It goes without saying that a home needs to look presentable while it’s on the market. A home’s exterior is much like the cover of a book, setting the stage for what’s inside.  Landscaping is the perfect place to start. It can be as simple as trimming the grass, adding fresh mulch or planting colourful flowers. Be sure to clean the exterior of your home, including windows and driveways, with a good pressure wash. Simple tasks can make your entrance warm and welcoming ensuring the right first impression of which you only get one. 


Style for the weather

Summer calls for brilliant colours! Bring your home to life with a few simple styling changes. Remove heavy curtains, rugs and cushions in darker colours and replace them with a lighter and brighter palette. Try bright and bold or sorbet hues, the opportunities are endless. Then, take it to the next level and add a scent. Pack away the spice-heavy candles and diffusers and replace them with fresher fragrances to suit the warmer weather. Nothing transports people like scents do! These simple tricks will liven up your home.


Enhance Outdoor Spaces 

Australians love being outside, and this time of the year is an ideal time to capitalise on it. An outside area can be promoted as another entire living space, creating a whole new room in the eyes of a buyer. Without even realising it, buyers love to imagine themselves enjoying spaces; whether it be relaxing or entertaining guests.

Think outdoor furniture, a BBQ and bright features. If you have a deck, keep it tidy and free of leaves and even freshen up the varnish. Little things go a long way when it comes to a house. If you’ve got a pool, create an oasis by making sure it’s sparkling and well maintained, to build appeal.


Clean and Declutter 

We really can’t stress this point enough: a clean and clutter-free home is incredibly appealing to potential buyers. It’s a great way to prepare your home for a summer sale and shine a light on your home’s features. Start with a deep clean of each room, including carpets, appliances, and windows. Get rid of items you don’t need and consider renting a storage unit for excessive clutter. Don’t forget to declutter your cupboards – especially your linen cupboard! Buyers will always open doors to check out storage spaces, and there’s nothing worse than opening a cupboard to find everything just stuffed in there, ready to jump out at you!  Tidy, organised spaces will make your home feel more inviting, more spacious, and more liveable.  



Repair and Upgrade 

Take care of any necessary repairs and upgrades. Leaky taps, creaky doors, and peeling paint should be addressed. In some cases, investing in small upgrades like updated light fixtures or door handles will give your home a face-lift and yield a significant return on investment.


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Acknowledgment of Country
Duncan Hill Property acknowledges the Gundungurra people and the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Australia. We pay our respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, and to Elders past and present.
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