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Believe it or not, the humble laundry is emerging as an influential part of the home for today's buyers and renovators.

Upstaged by new kitchens and bathrooms, many buyers rarely gave a thought to the laundry beyond its practical function. Until now.

New interior designs and increasingly sophisticated washing machines have put the laundry at the front and centre of many buyers' thinking when viewing a home, especially if they have a family. 

If you're challenged with a laundry in serious need of a facelift, here are eight tips for a great renovation project.

Quality appliances

Unless they're a fixture, you'll probably take them with you to your new home, but you can't go wrong with installing excellent appliances. European brands are a winner. Buyers love to see a front-loader washing machine next to a dryer.

Top tapware

The combination of tapware and basin is critical to the success of a laundry. A swivel tap is essential and pull out hoses can be handy for washing pets. 

The look

Give your laundry some style. You'll find inspiration on the internet and Instagram. If you're selling your home shortly, perhaps keep the same colour scheme as the rest of the home or use neutral colours and tiles that look clean and smart.

Storage savvy

The laundry is often the dumping ground for items that don't belong anywhere. So, focus on storage solutions to keep your laundry clutter-free, especially sporting equipment, coats and winter boots. 

Closet caper

Staying on the storage theme, you'll likely keep mops, brooms and the like in the laundry. Consider installing a thin vertical cupboard to keep them out of sight and new storage options mean you can easily hang them upright so they don't fall over. 


A striking aspect of a modern laundry is the amount of bench space available. It makes folding the laundry easy on your back. If you can supplement that with a fold-down ironing board attached to the wall, that's even better.

Stay dry 

A rail above head height to dry shirts and dress on hangers is another popular inclusion because not everything can be thrown into a tumble dryer and there will be days when it is too wet to hang things on the line. 

Easy access

If your laundry has quick access to the clothesline outside, that's a bonus for buyers. For two storey homes, consider a laundry chute that allows dirty laundry to be delivered straight to the source. 

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