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You may lament the lack of space if you're in the process of decorating a small room, but there are plenty of reasons why small is better: small spaces are easier to decorate, easier to keep clean, and easier to organise. So what can you do to make a room look bigger? Think of easy fixes like clearing out clutter and adding reflective surfaces. Read on for more simple tips that will help you make a small room look bigger without breaking the bank.


Get smart with mirror placement

Mirrors reflect both light and space. This means that there are numerous ways in which you can position mirrors to create an illusion of a larger area. Start by accounting for the furniture which will be remaining in the room and go from there. If it is a bedroom, you may opt for mirrored built-in robes. If it is a living room or study, large mirrors can be placed above furniture and other features to create the illusion of depth. For example, above a cabinet, tea-chest, or fireplace.



Stripes are lines, and lines can create an illusion of length, making the room appear taller. Should you want to use stripes to elongate spaces, there are several ways to do this. Opt for a print with horizontal stripes set in the centre of a wall or even go retro with a striped accent wall. Don't forget the floor as a canvas, either. A rug with horizontal stripes, in either monochrome or colour, will visually widen the room. This works especially well if the remainder of the space has an obvious minimalist feel so you aren't cluttering the space with competing patterns.


Clear Out the Clutter

There's nothing that makes a small space feel more cramped than having too much stuff. Work out ways to get collections out of view, organised behind doors, table skirts, or on shelves. With things neatly arranged and out of sight, the space that is in view will feel orderly and open.


Wall space

If square meterage is the issue and you're working within a particularly small room, look up – you've got the height of the room to work with. For example, narrow and simple floor-to-ceiling shelves, or suspended shelves from the ceiling, will ensure that this storage remains close to the wall. Using such a solution won't obtrude on precious floor space. You can even suspend a shelf above a boxed window. The same principle can be applied to wall-mounting a television. If you can remove a television cabinet and wall-mount a television instead, that's all the more space for feet.


Choose soft, light hues

Whereas dark, warm colours make space feel cozy and intimate, light, cool colours make space feel open and airy. For optimum effect, select soft tones of blue and green.

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